Choub Soy 3

Choub Soy 3...


Wishing Lolipop

នរាបានណាត់ខាយដើម្បីចចារលក់ខុនដូត្រឡប់ឱ្យទៅក្រុម ហ៊ុនដែលខាយកំពុងធ្វើការ។ នរាបានប្រគល់អំណោយមួយ គឺស្ករគ្រាប់មួយដើមទៅខាយ ជាកាដូរថ្ងៃជួបគ្នាលើកដំបូង។ ស្អែកឡើងបានលិចលឺព័ត៌មានការលោតសម្លាប់ខ្លួនរបស់នាង នរាបន្...

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choub soy 3

2020 16+ Action Movie

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Hello Neighbor

2021 18+ Comedy Drama

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Single Dad

2022 15+ Comedy Drama

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Choub Soy 3

Choub Soy 3

My Hubby 2

My Hubby 2



Really special! Leak​ Lyda plans to open digital cinema soon

LD Productions plans to inaugurate Cambodia's first-ever Digital Cinema on May 20, 2021 You do not need to click subscribe or pay a monthly fee, just buy tickets like a movie theater.Leak Lyda, the director of LD Production, says that Angkor DC is not a normal movie app because it is a digital cinema that shows new movies and Lots of good looks and open to fans to buy tickets for free anytime and anywhere.Leak Lyda: "We play new movies at once and it is a kind of movie. It is not like other apps, it is not like "Absolutely."The owner of LD Productions added that the first movies to be screened from May are "Lok Pdey Part 2" "Passion", "encounter" part 3, "Ato Koun Ov" and "Thunderstorms".According to a short promotional video from Angkor DC, the development of this new app will help strengthen the distribution system of large-scale Khmer movies more widely in Cambodia and around the world. Through this, it will also strengthen the Cambodian film industry and provide great opportunities for Cambodian producers, Cambodian actors and professionals in all fields in the Cambodian film industry.

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