Two Brother

2018 100min Crazy Comedy 18+

Pekmi and Kroeurn are siblings. Each has a girlfriend in their village. They want to get married but no money. They decide to come to Phnom Penh for money. Geographically, they don’t know Phnom Penh which is why they lost each other. Kroeurn has a good voice and he became a singer. He sang a song looking for his brother Pekmi and finally both found each other and go back to their homeland and meet their lovers happily.


Leak Lyda


Neay Krouen


នាយ គ្រឿន ( Neay Krouen) នាយ ពាក់មី ( Neay Pek Mi ) កញ្ញា ជី ជី ( Ms. Gi Gi ) កញ្ញា ពៅ លីដា (Pov Lida) អ្នកនាង ខ្ញុង ( Ms. Knhoung ) លោក សុខគា (Mr. Sok Kea ) លោក សានម៉ៅ (Mr. Lok San Mav ) អ្នកនាង គ្រត ( Ms. Krot )

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