Hello Neighbor

2021 103min Comedy Drama 18+

Phally come to his friend’s house with deeply disappointed after his girlfriend refused his marry proposal. That night, Phally's friend had to take another friend home and Phally stay alone. The next day, Phally's friend was stuck at another friend's house because of covid-19 spread. Pally's friends were unable to return home, so Phally had to stay there 14 days for quarantine but he need to clean the house to exchange. During his quarantine he met Ken who is his friend's neighbor because he doesn’t know how to cook Phally ask Ken to cook for him. Ken decide to help Phally because he was interested on him since his first met. Later, a man who was a neighbor of Ken always came to see him and it making Phally unknowingly jealous of Ken. After had an argument with that man, because of jealousy, Phally identified himself and knew his true feelings was to love the same sex who is Ken. 14 days in quarantine, they began to express their feelings to each other, they learn to understand and live together. After the government finished the quarantine, Phally decide to announce about his feeling to Ken, but unfortunately everything was stuck because Phally ex-girlfriend appear. She comes to announce her relationship with Phally and talk about their wedding its make everyone shock of the news and Ken was angry with Phally because he think Phally is a liar. Ken was so painful when he know Phally is a liar and what make everyone shock the most is they realize Phally love Ken. A few days later, Phally understood himself and decided to go after his heart to choose Ken and they also begin to open up their relationships to people around them.


Un Bunthoeurn


Nuon Molin


នូ ឧសភា, វុធ ថុង, តុង

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