Kompul Neak Som Tean Chub Sne

2018 95min Comedy Drama 18+

There are 4 best friends who lived together and begged together everywhere. One day, they met 2 beautiful girls, Kroeurn and Slot fell in love with those 2 girls. The friends decided to stop begging and open a laundry for the living. Things get better after that. Suddenly, Jenny’s eyes got a problem. Slot gave his eyes to Jenny without telling friends. Slot also left friends and nobody knew where he went to. At the end, the friends found Slot and found out the real reason and the friends tried to find people who can donate their eyes for Slot.


Leak Lyda


Long Sovanntha


លោក ជា សុវណ្ណនរាណ៍ (Mr. Chea Sovannarea) អ្នកនាង សុខសុម៉ាវត្ដី (Ms. Sok Somavatey ) នាយ គ្រឿន (Neay Krouen) លោក ងួន សុបិន្ដ (Mr. Ngoun Soben ) ឌីជេ បីអាយជី ( DJ Big) ឌីជេ កាកា ( DJ Kaka) អ្នកនាង ឡោម លក្ខិណា (Ms. Lom Leakena)

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