Single Dad

2022 87min Comedy Drama 15+

Some people said that being single is so good because you can do whatever you want, you can sleep as much as you want and go anywhere without asking permission. He has been living like this for more than 30 years, sometime he is my dad, my mom and sometime he is my best friend because he spend all his time to accompanies me to drink, even I am heartbroken and we were chased by a dog when we got drunk…all of those reason is because I can’t find a girlfriend. I want to find a partner for him but he wants me to get marries first and he will find a wife after me. 30 years, one of my close-friend is… Brathna, asking Deth to accompanies him to drink while Deth is going to honeymoon with his wife and the reason is because he quarrel with his dad but Deth doesn’t go. For 30 years he has never rejected Brathna, but today he would like to reject it, and he will think about Brathna later. A relationship between Brathna and his father seem a bit broken because Brathna doesn’t want to get a girlfriend. His father was worried that his son might be gay, so he decided to do everything that could help his son to have a girlfriend. In the next day he take Brathna to meet a girl. Her name is Nika, just seeing her, Brathna’s father pretended to be a investigator and asking for her phone number, house, street and her personal life. She is so kind and respecte to the elder person.But it was a dream because she is the owns of dating company, after dreaming Brathna asking his dad go back home and drink, his dad said that no matter who is she, it does not matter, as long as she is not married, we still have a chance. Today is the first day that Brathna learn how to flirt a girl from his dad. There are many way and style, all the lesson that Brathna have learn is works because Nika is interested with him too, but unexpected, Nika's mother was Brathna father's ex-girlfriend…what will happened between Brathna and Nika? Should they go forward or finish it ?


ឌៀប សុវណ្ណារ៉ា


ឌៀប សុវណ្ណារ៉ា


Tep Rindaro Pros Khouch Heng Chantha Oum Sovankiri Kong Somanita

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