My Hubby

2018 75min Comedy Drama 18+

Khong and Peakmi are spouse but Peakmi is cheat on her wife to have another girl. Chantha getting pregnant because she believes Peakmi’s word. When khnong noted their relationship, everything was change, Chantha leave from Peakmi and his family became together again.


នាយ ពាក់មី/Pek Mi


នាយ ពាក់មី/Pek Mi


1. នាយ ពាក់មី ( Neay Pek Mi ),2. អ្នកនាង ខ្ញុង (Ms. Khn4. នាយ គ្រឿន ( Neay Kroueun )ong ),3. កញ្ញា ហេង ចន្ថា (Ms. Heng Chantha ),

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