Theat Yey Knhom

2018 90min Horror 16+

Neay Kroeun got a nicknamed full-face sex security guard, is guarded in a resort full of mysteries. The first night he was on guard, Neay Kroeun met the children who were the children of the resort owner. Those children told to Neay Kroeurn that their grandmother had just died in seven days ago and her spirit is still here. Every night we never slept well, only to hear my grandmother screaming for us. Every night we never sleep well, always hear grandmother screaming for us. Sometimes we seem to see her shadow come to sleep with us. That's so scary. Did you afraid for coming? Neay Kroeun said that he was not afraid because he was a security guard with brand name he will work on it if it can earn more money, but in the end, everything was not as easy as Neay Kroeun thought.


Sum phearin


Sum phearin


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